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Who we are

Captiare - meaning “to catch and chase” in Colloquial Latin, is what we’ve been doing for many years. Here at Captiare, we zero in on exceptional talent and dream jobs; presenting them to our clients with utmost honesty and professionalism.

Founded in 2008, our team of experts adhere wholeheartedly to our service pledge which is to sincerely match “Client” with “Candidate” akin to the two Cs in the Captiare logo - perfect reflections of each other, and a manifestation of a win-win situation.


Captiare's expertise

Captiare consultants are on hand to give clients professional search services and recruitment solutions. Our experienced team of consultants is equipped with professional knowledge in a wide range of different industries and has a thorough understanding of the local market, facilitating a speedy yet precise matching of talent and opportunity.

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  • Work Visa Application

    Elevate your Visa Services with Captiare!Are you expanding your team and looking to recruit top-tier talents from Chi...

  • Specialist Recruitment

    Specialized for hunting the mid level talents in our 6 different specialisms

  • Payroll Outsourcing / Parking

    Streamline Your Business with Payroll Outsourcing Are you tired of spending countless hours managing payroll? Payrol...

Meet our Team

Clement Lau


Annie Lo

Business Development Director

Angela Ho

Senior Consultant

Jade Lo


Viann Sing


Ivy Tsoi

Senior Candidate Manager

Kaelyn Chou


Maggie Choi


Mariana May



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