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Holding a strategic foothold in Asia’s business platforms and technology marketplace, Hong Kong’s Technology sector is among the largest in the world. Hong Kong will further capitalise on its unique advantages in R&D, technological infrastructure, the legal system and intellectual property to spearhead the Technology industry, and act as an important launchpad for innovative companies across the globe looking to enter the Asia market.

Hong Kong’s Fintech industry has made significant growth in recent years, thanks to the international finance hub being propelled by a highly developed Technology sector and an increasingly mature start-up ecosystem. Key disruptions by Fintech are already occurring in financial services sectors including data analytics, cybersecurity, e-commerce, wealth management and robot process automation.

Technology recruitment has been a core focus at Captiare for which we provide a full spectrum of services covering all levels and all types of positions.

Areas that we cover in Technology:

  • Application Development

  • Infrastructure and Cloud Services

  • Production Support

  • FinTech

  • Quant Technology

  • Data analytics and Insight

  • AI and Blockchain

  • Information Security, Risk and Cyber Security

  • BA, PM and Transformation

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